31st Aug 2017

Kettlewell & District Annual Village Show- Sunday 3 September 1:30 - 4pm

The show prides itself on being a traditional Dales event, and is open to all ages and includes a full range of entry possibilities including flowers, fruit & vegetables, baking, drinks, crafts and art.

It’s great fun for the children of The Dales, and all children who bring along a vegetable they’ve grown this year are certain to be awarded a small prize too.

The most exciting is a ‘Disaster Class!’ open to everyone. Anything from any category that went wrong. Including strange shaped vegetables, weird fruit and burnt cakes and buns!! The winner is voted by the public on Show day. We get some funny entries!!!

Refreshments and fun do come along for a great day out!

The Kettlewell & District Horticultural Show was started in 1908 the object being to bring the people in the villages together and take more pride in their gardens, and at first it was purely a competition for the best flower and vegetable garden. The Show was held in the old National School up the hill to Park Rash. It was held in a simple marquee in the school grounds, there was a brass band and grand dance in the evening!... Shortly after when the Kettlewell Village Hall was built in 1927 the Show was moved into the new hall. The Show lapsed during the two world wars, otherwise it has been held continuously since 1908 bringing the people of The dales together to show off their prowess and admire the results of their labour and skills.

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